Why is it a good idea to teach chess to your children?

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“Chess is not always about winning. Sometimes it’s simply about learning. And so is life. “

Chess is an amazing game, we all know that. But under the surface exist numerous reasons and benefits why chess can be a tremendous learning experience for children. 

The game of chess is so rich that it has led to many investigations as to how it can help the human brain. It’s a game that highly stimulates memory, concentration, and reasoning (especially with kids). Children are capable of learning the movements of the pieces as early as 4 years old. Playing chess has many advantages for them. Actually, UNESCO considers the practice of chess at schools educationally productive. Educators indicate that the best way to motivate a child to play chess is by first stimulating their desire to learn.  Even though it looks like a hard game or an adult game, children in general show a strong desire to learn the game.

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To help demonstrate the many benefits chess can bring for kids, we have prepared a list for you.  So if you have any doubts about learning chess or have your kids take chess classes, here are 10 reasons.

Top 10 Reasons & Benefits:

  1. Chess stimulates attention and concentration of the children.
  2. Chess awakens the value of respect towards opponents.
  3. Chess encourages patience.
  4. Chess stimulates memory.
  5. Chess teaches kids about responsibility.
  6. Chess stimulates logical reasoning.
  7. Chess stimulates the capacity of deduction.
  8. Chess increases self-esteem.
  9. Chess motivates kids to take decisions.
  10. Chess increases the children’s ability to observe and anticipate.
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