3 Tips to increase online registrations for your programs

online registrations

The more online registrations you receive for your programs, the more opportunity you have to grow your business. We all agree with this statement but the fact is that sometimes we overlook certain strategies that can help generate more leads. Competition in this industry is fierce and proving your value to your audience is difficult. We would like to provide 3 tips to help you stay ahead of the curve. These tips will help you persuade more prospects to register for your programs and can have a significant impact on how people make decisions towards your offerings.

Tip# 1: Reduce Friction

Make sure your online registration process is smooth and stress free. The focus here is on making things easy and efficient for both participants and your staff. Using an online registration software will help you to streamline your entire enrollment process. Prospects can easily browse your programs, get all the information they are looking for online and make a decision.  All of this is done from the comfort of their home or on the go. The user experience is improved and you can collect all the information you need using online registration forms. Your staff can then easily view enrollments as they come in and can quickly get back with the new participants in case they have questions.  online registration made easy

  • Reduce email/phone requests
  • Streamline the registration process
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Collect information with the use of online forms
  • Improve user experience

Tip# 2: Scarcity is a Great Tool 

This is a proven principle in psychology that helps you increase your enrollments. You can do this by creating a condition of  limited availability based on time or capacity. This will help you build value and will generate a sense of urgency. Use this concept to promote specials and discounts. 

  • Use early-bird discounts. Incentivize registrants to enroll early with a discounted price. Emphasize the reduced pricing and when the special offer ends.
  • Define a capacity limit for each program and generate urgency. Make sure this availability limit is visible and verbally communicate this when participants are inquiring about your programs.
  • Provide limited special offers for returning participants. You can limit this offerings by dates or capacity, again the idea is to persuade returning students to act quickly by using this “limited” special.
  • Promote your online registration end date and clarify any benefits of registering before this “due” date. For example you may waive a registration fee or provide some free merchandise.online registrations today

All promotions, discounts and special offers need to be effectively communicated. Make sure they are visible on your website and/or online registration software. Send email newsletters that highlight all your specials. Finally use the right technology to integrate special offers and discounts with your registration system so you can track results.


Tip# 3: Don’t Stop With Online Registrations

Ask yourself what happens after a registration is complete? How can you keep building a stronger relationship with your clients? The answer is simple, keep your audience engaged. Below are a few tips on how you can achieve this:

  • Activate social media networking buttons on your website or registration page. Social proof is a big deal nowadays. Make it easy for your users to share their activities with other friends. Nothing is stronger than a recommendation or a referral from a friend or colleague.
  • Send emails to past participants. In a strategical way,  you can contact past leads with specials, upcoming events, future programs and more. Offer promotions for returning or frequent users. Make sure you also reach out to those who are not returning and give them a good reason to come back and sign up for new services.
  • Share the knowledge. Make use of tools such as blogs, newsletters, and articles to provide useful content for your audience. This is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and by having active communications you increase trust and loyalty. best practices don't forget