Jumbula product update: Invoicing

Announcing: Invoice Enhanced Feature


We have added a couple of new options to the recently released invoicing feature. You can now take a payment from within the invoicing tab, send reminders, or cancel an invoice. Below see screen shot samples along with more specific details.

New Enhancements:

Take A Payment: When looking at your invoices you can directly go to the actions tab and use the “Take a payment” option to apply a payment towards a any given invoice.

You will have the option to apply a payment you have received, apply the payment at the time with a credit card or PayPal, or use available credit.


Send Reminder: Under the actions column, you will also have the option to send a reminder.

Simply add a note for the recipient and submit. Email note will be automatically sent to the associated account email


Cancel Invoice: Finally, under the actions column you will have a cancel invoice option.

Add the note to the recipient box and submit, this will automatically cancel the selected invoice

Get the confirmation number from order details

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team at support@jumbula.com.

To your success,

The Jumbula Team

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Jumbula new feature: Live/Test Mode


Announcing: Live/Test Mode Feature


We have a new feature that replaces the existing method of “Publishing” a new season. You now have an option to run test registrations in test (sandbox) mode for a season before going live. The sanbox mode allows you to run test credit card transactions, which simulates real transactions without actually paying for them. After testing registrations and making sure everything looks good, you can switch your season from test to live mode. This action will activate your season for live registrations. All test orders will automatically be removed and will only be visible if you switch back to the test mode.


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Jumbula new feature: Edit/Cancel Order


Edit/Cancel order


The main function of the new Edit/Cancel feature is to provide you with more control over your existing orders. You will now be able to cancel or edit orders from your administrative Dashboard. Below are some instructions so you can take full advantage of this new feature. At the end of this tutorial you can link to the Refund or Take a Payment tutorials.  (more…)

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