Jumbula new feature: Edit/Cancel Order


Edit/Cancel order


The main function of the new Edit/Cancel feature is to provide you with more control over your existing orders. You will now be able to cancel or edit orders from your administrative Dashboard. Below are some instructions so you can take full advantage of this new feature. At the end of this tutorial you can link to the Refund or Take a Payment tutorials. 

Getting Started:

  • Login to your Jumbula Dashboard → Select a season → Click on “Programs and orders” → Select the program and click on the program name.
  • Once you have selected your program of choice, select the order you want to edit or cancel. Go to the far left on the “Actions” column and click on actions link, now click on the Edit/Cancel action (see sample image below).


  • On the Edit/Cancel action page, you have the option to cancel the entire order or manually edit the order items.


  • To cancel the order:
    • Click “Cancel entire order”
    • You can then include a cancellation fee if applicable
    • Finally you may add a “Memo” for this action
    • Click the “Continue” button to review and submit the changes

Note: The system won’t refund a cancelled order automatically. First you will need to cancel the order, than you can use the refund action to apply a refund if needed.

  • Besides “Cancel entire order” function you will also have the option to manually edit the amount. 


  • Once you are on the second step “Payment Plan” you will be able to edit individual installments if applicable to the order. 
    • You can edit or remove an installment option
    • You can also “add new installment”
  • If your order has no installments, you can skip this step.


  • Now you will go to the third and last step. Here you can review the changes you have made. If everything looks good to go then click the “Submit” button to finish up.


Your all done! After you finish your Edit / Cancel action you might need to do a Refund or Take a Payment. Please look at these two tutorials to learn more:

1) Tutorial – Edit/Cancel feature applying a Refund

2) Tutorial – Edit/Cancel feature Take a Payment

If you have any questions on how to use these or any of our features please feel free to contact our support team at support@jumbula.com.

To your success,

The Jumbula Team