Jumbula new feature: Edit/Cancel, Take a payment


Edit/Cancel order – Take a Payment


Once you complete an Edit action you may then need to apply the “Take a Payment” action. This would be the case if you now have a due balance. It is not necessary to do an edit in order to use the “Take a Payment” action. You can use it for any order that has a pending balance. Please see the below details as a guide. 

Getting Started:

  • Login to your Jumbula dashboard → Select a season → Click on “Programs and orders” → Select the program and click on the program name.
  • Once you have selected your program of choice, select the order you want to Take a Payment for. Go to the far left on the “Actions” column and click on actions link, now click on the “Take a Payment” action.

Note: The action link for Take a Payment will only show up if you have a “red” balance, this means you have a pending balance for an order. 

  • On the sample below, notice the Take a payment option on the action link menu.


  • Once you are on the “Take a Payment” screen you will have a couple options to fill out.


  • Once you click on → Continue,  you will be able to review your order before you submit.


  • Finally, you click → Submit and get your confirmation screen


Your all done!  If you completed your Edit/Cancel action and need to apply a Refund please go to the tutorial below to learn more:

1) Tutorial – Edit/Cancel order – Refund

2) Back to – Edit/Cancel order

If you have any questions on how to use these or any of our features please feel free to contact our support team at support@jumbula.com.

To your success,

The Jumbula Team