Jumbula new features: Edit/Cancel, Refund


Edit/Cancel order – Refund


Once you complete an Edit or Ccancel action you may then need to apply a Refund action. This would be the case if you now have a negative balance and need to return funds. Please see the below details as a guide. 

Getting Started:

  • Login to your Jumbula dashboard → Select a season → Click on “Programs and orders” → Select the program and click on the program name.
  • Once you have selected your program of choice, select the order you want to Refund. Go to the far left on the “Actions” column and click on actions link, now click on the Refund action.

Note: The action link for Refund will only show up if you have a negative balance. Otherwise the Take a Payment action will be available. 

  • On the samples below note that the only option that you can refund is the green negative balance of -$90.



  • On this sample you can see an order that was canceled and is now available for a refund (see below).


  • Once you have entered to the “Refund Order” screen you can select the amount you will refund. Finally, on this same screen, you select if this is an “automatic” refund or “manual” refund and click continue.


  • Automatic – will refund directly from a charged credit card or PayPal account. Manual:


  • Manual – this would be the case when your organization is taking care of the refund. 


  • Once you have reviewed your refund order you click → Submit. The next screen will give you the refund detail and your balance will be updated. 


Your all done!  If you completed your Edit/Cancel action and need to Take a Payment please go to the tutorial below to learn more:

1) Tutorial – Edit/Cancel feature Take a Payment

2) Back to – Edit/Cancel order

If you have any questions on how to use these or any of our features please feel free to contact our support team at support@jumbula.com.

To your success,

The Jumbula Team