Jumbula new feature: Live/Test Mode


Announcing: Live/Test Mode Feature


We have a new feature that replaces the existing method of “Publishing” a new season. You now have an option to run test registrations in test (sandbox) mode for a season before going live. The sanbox mode allows you to run test credit card transactions, which simulates real transactions without actually paying for them. After testing registrations and making sure everything looks good, you can switch your season from test to live mode. This action will activate your season for live registrations. All test orders will automatically be removed and will only be visible if you switch back to the test mode.

What is the benefit?

The main benefit is that you can run test registrations while your season is in the test mode. Once you have created your programs for a season you may want to make sure everything looks good before you start taking live registrations. Use the test mode to run complete registrations all the way to the checkout stage and make credit card or PayPal test payments.

When you create a new season you see a checkbox similar to the below sample screen-shoot. This will indicate whether your new season is started in “test mode” or “live mode”.


Once you create your new programs, follow the below steps to test:

  • Go to your SEASONS and click on the season you want to test
  • Next click on PROGRAMS AND ORDERS
  • You will see all the programs you created on your screen, now go to the last column called ACTIONS and click on VIEW (see screen-shot sample below):


  • Once you click on VIEW a new window will open with the Registration Page for that particular program.

NOTE: You will need to log off from your dashboard so you can complete the test registration as a user, not an administrator. Another option is to use a different browser.

Credit Card & PayPal information for testing

Once you reach your checkout screen, depending on what payment methods you have set, you will be able to run credit card, PayPal, or cash & check test registrations. Use the below information for testing:

  • Stripe test credit card number – please note that this might stop working after a given time. You can use https://stripe.com/docs/testing to get alternative numbers.
    • Visa – 4242424242424242. You can make up all the additional information, the expiration date should be a date in the future.
  • PayPal test account and credit card number:
    • Login: paypal@jumbula.com
    • Password: jbpaypal
    • Guest credit card checkout: Visa – 4750257224096545. You can make up all the additional information, the expiration date should be a date in the future.
    • Please note that this credt card might stop working after a given time. You can use http://www.getcreditcardnumbers.com to get alternative numbers.
  • You may also use the check or cash option (this will allow you to complete a registrations)
  • When you reach the checkout screen you will notice a “Test Mode” watermark as a reminder, see below screenshot.


Switching your season from test to live mode

This action has the following impacts:

  • You will no longer see the test registrations. However, all the data will be retained and can be accessed again if you switch back to the test mode.
  • All your programs, coupons, discounts, etc. remain the same.
  • All the automatic payment methods (Stripe, PayPal, and eCheck) will be conducted with actual money.

How to switch from live to test mode:

  • When you click on a season name the corresponding season blade will open, you will find the test to live switch on the top portion (see sample screen-shot below)


  • Once you switch to the live mode, you will get a confirmation box. In order to continue you need to type your season name on the confirmation box and submit.
  • You can switch back from live to test mode at any time.


What happens if I copy a season?

  • You will be prompted during the season setup steps if you would like to change mode. Remember you can switch back and forth if you need to.

What happens if I forget to switch my season to live mode?

  • Your users will see a very clear “Test Mode” message on the checkout screen.

What happens to the test orders?

  • Test orders will be available and visible as long as you are in the test mode. Once you switch to the live mode the test orders are no longer visible. If you switch back to the test mode you will be able to see the test orders again.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team at support@jumbula.com.

To your success,

The Jumbula Team